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It is our belief that the body is a gift uniquely designed by our Creator. Our mission is to inspire families to feel empowered and healthy within their bodies and to serve as many people as we can to live a healthy life. To educate people of all ages to take action steps towards owning and managing a life with vitalism. We believe this is done by utilizing chiropractic care as the foundation of expressing life more abundantly.


We believe that nervous system focused chiropractic care is for everyone:  newborns, developing children, pregnant women, adults, and the elderly. We work with people that have illness, ailments, discomfort, and disease, as well as healthy individuals that are simply striving for optimal health. We serve every human being with the highest quality chiropractic care that allows them to live to their fullest potential.

Come take a peek inside our charming, one-of-a-kind office off of Addison Circle. When you walk through our doors you are greeted with a vibrant atmosphere, a feeling of peace, and an awakening to the transformation of healthcare.

Know that you and your family will be served with the highest level of specialized chiropractic care here at Free to Be.

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