At Free to Be Chiropractic, it is our belief that the body is a gift uniquely designed by our Creator. Our mission is to inspire families to feel empowered and healthy within their bodies and to serve as many people as we can to bring glory to God. To educate people of all ages to take actions steps towards owning and managing a life with vitalism. We believe this is done by utilizing nervous system focused chiropractic care as the foundation of expressing life more abundantly.

The largest natural healing art in the world.


Within our bodies resides an intelligence that is powerful enough to heal the smallest cut on your finger, digest your lunch, keep the heart beating, create a human life in nine months, and allow you to read this all at the same time.   This incomprehensible intelligence is transmitted within the body from the brain, down the spinal cord, and through 45 miles of nerves to every single cell, tissue, and organ.  

When the human body becomes over-stressed either from our environment, our emotions, or physical traumas that happen in life, stress gets stored within the body and creates an imbalance.  Chiropractors are trained to locate this imbalance.  Through specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments that access the nervous system via the spine stress that has been stored within the body is released.


Chiropractic adjustments remove interference to your life force, creating a state of balance and transformation within the body. Regardless of what you are experiencing in your life right now, chiropractic care can unlock the healing potential within your body to create a more abundant, thriving life.  Millions of people including newborns, active adults, and people dealing with disease have used chiropractic in their life and have been greatly impacted by the healing power that they already had within them.

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