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Your first visit will give us an opportunity to personally connect and introduce you to our practice.  We will take the time to listen to your health goals, challenges, and stressors present in your life. If further tests or imaging is needed, you will then receive a gentle, yet specific nervous system centered adjustment.


There are many ways that you can use chiropractic in your life:  maintaining an optimally adapting nervous system, supporting the body as it adapts to a pregnancy, allowing your child the best possible start in life, bringing your performance to the next level, or simply to get out of pain.  It is ultimately up to you how you decide to use chiropractic in your life. We have several affordable options that allow you to experience chiropractic care however you choose. 


In order for us to continue to serve this community in this capacity, please be courteous and provide notice of at least 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your first visit. This helps to ensure that we can run an efficient and effective practice and meet the needs of those who are waiting to get an appointment. Please review our policies before your first visit.

Complete the online intake form through your online scheduling account at least 24 hours before your first visit. We do require a $50 non-refundable deposit to book your first visit.

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