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Childhood is one of the most physically demanding times of our life.  The amount of rapid change that happens within the body is amazing to experience.  In fact 65% of neurological development (development of the brain and nervous system) occurs in your child's first year of life. Starting with the birthing process studies have found that a normal routine delivery can place a tremendous amount of pressure on the newborn's neck and neuro-spinal system.  Not to mention the countless falls and trips that come along with learning to crawl, walk, and run.  


Chiropractic is a safe, very gentle approach to full child wellness. Gentle adjustments aid in removing any nerve dysfunction induced through labor and delivery.  Newborns should be among the first to be checked for spinal misalignments.  Chiropractic adjustments for adults differ significantly from those performed on newborns.  The pressure placed on the child's spine is no more than the pressure you can comfortably tolerate by pressing into your closed eye.  Here at Free to Be we know that is easier to grow healthy children, than it is to fix broken adults.

Pediatric care has been our specialty for over ten years, and we have developed healing protocols for you and your little ones to heal and thrive naturally. 

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